Project 5.0 Mustang – Building the Perfect Wheel Set with HRE and Nitto Tires!


We bounced the car with the wheel turned full lock to make sure we would not be rubbing.  Once we confirmed the fitment, HRE went ahead on the production of our wheels in a striking Sky Blue color.  We also ordered up our tires from Nitto.

A few weeks later and our wheels were done.  Christina loves her new HRE FF01's!

The FF01 is an open mesh design.  This design is light and strong.

The hub area is pocketed to reduce weight.  Note how minimal the hub area is in general.  The flow formed construction allows for smaller sections without sacrificing strength.

That is a nice looking wheel!

We chose the Nitto NT555 over more sticky offerings like the NT05 or NT01 simply because of the amount of miles our car sees.  The NT555 has a longer wearing UTQG rating of 300 vs 140 for the NT05 and 100 for the NT01.  Of course the NT555 is not as soft and sticky as the less compromising tires in the Nitto line up but it is still a decent performer. The tread works decently for wet conditions but it is biased for dry use with large stiff blocks for responsive steering and a low void ratio to put a lot of rubber on the road.  We felt that the NT555 was perfect compromise between all out grip and long life.

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