Project 5.0 Mustang – Building the Perfect Wheel Set with HRE and Nitto Tires!


A 30 series tire is really low profile as you can see here.  The short sidewalls make up for the plus one fitment.  The NT555's have a rim protector built into the sidewall so your wheels won't be so vulnerable to curb rash.
Mounting ultra low profile 20″ tires without damaging the wheels can be a bit tricky so we chose to have HRE do the mounting at their headquarters.

HRE also balanced the wheels and tires.

Here is our 5mm spacer in place, this was needed for our more agressive 10.5″ fronts, if you go with 9.5″ a spacer is not needed.  Yes the Brembos come stock.  Mustangs have come a long way since the 10″ solid rotors on the early Fox body cars.

We can hardly wait until the car is down on its wheels!

You can already tell the car looks much better, even on the lift.

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