Project 5.0 Mustang – Building the Perfect Wheel Set with HRE and Nitto Tires!


The moment of truth has arrived!

Man what a huge difference wheels and tires can make on a car.  The wheel gap is filled up nicely and the car looks much lower and aggressive.

It's funny but 20″ wheels used to be though of as super huge.  Now on late model cars, they look so normal!  Our car looks so much better with its HRE FlowForm wheels mounted.  The rally car look is banished forever!

Nothing rubs either!  We could have run a staggered combination and put a 305 on the back but since the car sees so many miles, we felt that being able to rotate the tires would be important.  We will tune the suspension accordingly.

HRE's FlowForm technology has produced a light wheel in a myriad of available colors.  We were reluctant at first to go with a 20″ wheel because we did not want the weight but our new wheels are lighter and stronger than stock.  Even with our much wider tires we don't have any rub thanks to HRE verifying our aggressive fitment beforehand.

The HRE wheels and tires really changed the looks of our Mustang which now appears low and mean.  You can already tell the car has a lot more grip and we are looking to give it more by messing with the front geometry and setting the chassis up in the future.

We also have plans for big horsepower. stay tuned!


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