Project 5.0 Mustang (The White One) Building the Bottom End


To ensure that our engine will not starve for oil in hard cornering, we obtained a Canton Racing Products road racing pan.  The Canton pan is designed to give the most oil capacity with the least impact on ground clearance.  The pan holds about 2 quarts more than stock.
The pan has two bungs, one for an oil drain and another for an oil temp sensor. The pan is made with fabricated steel and features a gold chromate coating to resist corrosion.
The pan has a machined instead of stamped rail to help assure that there will be no oil leaks. The bottom of the pan has a diamond-shaped baffle with one-way trap doors to keep oil trapped around the pickup. There is a horizontal baffle to help reduce upward slosh as well.
For a clutch, we opted to use the ACT Sport/Performance model.  This clutch is rated to 505 lb/ft of torque with a smooth engagement and a light pedal. This is a 21% increase over stock. We don’t want to over clutch our car and the ACT is the perfect match for our NA Coyote build.
The ACT clutch disc uses a smooth engaging organic friction material with copper wire winding throughout the material itself to give good heat dissipation and strength. The friction material has a flat marcel spring under it to help smooth the engagement. The marcel smashes flat as the clutch engages giving some cush to the engagement.

The clutch hub is stronger than stock and heat treated. Headed rivets are used to both hold the disc together and serve as positive stops for the sprung hub, which spread out the load encountered during hard shifts and launches.


The ACT pressure plate uses a stiffer diaphragm spring and a thicker more rigid cover to make the pressure plate more efficient by reducing flex. When the cover is stiff, more of the diaphragm spring’s clamp load can be applied to the disc.

The pressure ring or the part of the pressure plate which rubs on the clutch disc is made of strong heat resistant nodular iron which also happens to have good friction properties. The pressure ring is attached to the cover via dual drive straps which is twice as strong as the stock single straps.

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