Project 5.0 Mustang (The White One) Building the Bottom End


We replaced the stock flywheel in favor of an ACT Prolite. The Prolite flywheel is CNC machined out of a chomoly billet forging.The forging makes for a stronger part due to improving the metal’s grain, orienting it to follow the geometry of the part. Forging also makes the grain finer which further improves strength and fatigue resistance.

After forging the flywheel is machined to its final shape and then heat treated to further increase its strength. The ACT flywheel is 14.4 lbs, almost 9 lbs lighter than stock.  This means that less power is wasted, accelerating rotating weight. This improves acceleration and throttle response. A light flywheel is also quicker shifting and easier on the transmission’s synchros.

You can see the windows in the flywheel CNC machined out to reduce weight. The little silver hole to your left is material removed during dynamic balancing. Every ACT flywheel is balanced at the factory before shipping out.
The ACT pressure plate requires some special dowel pins that come with the pressure plate along with this tool to help install them without damage. The pins are placed in the tool and the tool is hit with a hammer to drive the pins home.  The pins work with ACT or stock flywheels.
To dress up the engine compartment and to give a little more capacity to the cooling system, we installed this Canton overflow tank.  TIG welded from 6061 aluminum, the Canton tank is not only nice looking but also has a higher capacity than stock and is not going to get brittle and leak like the stock part.

We are excited, all we have to do is some honing and measuring and our super screaming high revving Coyote motor will be ready to go. Our Mustang is getting to be a pretty sophisticated project car and we are getting ready to return to the track to see how much progress we have made since our first trip!

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CSF Radiators

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West End Alignment

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