Project AP1 S2000: Installing Forbidden Side Diffusers


Each side skirt uses hand-laid carbon fiber that is vacuum-infused in a carbon matrix. This all happens at their facility in Long Beach, California.


Each side of the S2000 has three small protrusions located just in front of the pinch weld along the under side of the rocker panel, as pictured here. They typically make fitment poor from other side diffusers, as they cause small gaps between the surface level changes.


Not to worry, these diffusers cleanly accommodate space just large enough for the diameter of the round protrusions and actually help a lot for mounting perfectly, as we will mention shortly.


The edges are finished very nicely. This rear facing end lines up very nicely against the pinch weld and rear of the rocker panel. The rear of the rocker panel has a small bracket that hangs, which is a good reference point to utilize for mounting.


There is a good amount of margin of error with the provided hardware. The large fender washers combined with ample-sized drilled holes in the diffusers make it pretty easy to install.


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