Project AP1 S2000: Installing Forbidden Side Diffusers


Now that the diffuser is held in place with the double-sided tape, it makes it very easy to finish the installation by drilling the screws into place. Each side uses five mounting screws. Here, Vince uses a center punch to create a guide for the pilot hole.


There really isn't any science behind choosing the right drill bit for the job since our mounting screws are pretty small in diameter. We chose our best drill bit available that was smaller than the mounting screws, yet not broken and not too dull.


After drilling the pilot holes, Vince drills the five mounting screws to complete the installation of the first side.


A quick check on his work, and then Vince did the same process for the other side.


The completed look: a quick and easy installation for excellent results.

The fitment is actually very impressive, especially considering that these side diffusers are handmade. A subtle addition with a dash of hand laid carbon fiber provides a cleaned up finish to any S2000's rocker panel. Peace of mind also comes standard, as you won't have to be as worried about your passenger's clumsy exit and kicking your freshly installed side diffusers.



Forbidden USA


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