Project Autocross BRZ: Dodging Cones With GT Radial

Project Autocross BRZ: Dodging Cones With GT Radial

by Bart Hockerman

“Who is GT Radial?”

That was the 1st words out of everyone's mouth when reading the SCCA Solo Contingency Program page. 

What seemed to be a more known name on the West Coast was virtually unknown throughout the rest of the country. The next big question is “What tire do they have that we will want to use?”

Doing some quick Google-Fu research provided some of the info we were looking for. The big find was the actual tire that would have the potential for competition use for us, the Champiro SX2.

“An extreme performance tire developed for enthusiasts who want higher levels of traction, response, and driving control in dry and wet conditions.”

Based on this find alone someone was going to have to put the tires to the test and see what they are all about. With this in mind MotoIQ was able to source a set of the new Champiro SX2 tires in the 245-40-17 for Project Autocross BRZ.

200 treadwear GT Radial Champiro SX2 advertised features.
The tires arrived directly from GT Radial US as most tires do, in two stacks of two tires taped together with some great looking GT Radial tape.

Upon delivery and inspection of the tires you will notice that the mold for the tread pattern they used is similar to that of the RE-11 tire offered by Bridgestone. However the asymmetrical design used on the GT Radial uses the larger tread block on the inside of the tire vs the outside. Another standout feature is the step center tread molding to try to curb tread squirm/flex under high load cornering. While these features hold some promise the Champiro SX2 has some stiff competition for the 2015 autocross season. 

GT Radial selfie on the way to get the Champiro SX2’s mounted up. Hauling stuff is the perfect job for a Honda CRV ( I am told it must be a midwestern thing).

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