Project Autocross BRZ: Dodging Cones With GT Radial


I was not quite sure though that any tire was going to work in the weather we had in store for us.

STX took to course as the weather was beginning to turn for the worse. I was the only car on the GT Radial SX2 at the event, most drivers were on brand new RE-71R’s (rumor has it also very good in the wet). Rolling to the start line lining up at the tree I was not sure what to expect as I hadn’t driven on the SX2’s in what we can only refer to as the Biblically wet weather. As the tree dropped and I let the clutch out it was quickly apparent that traction would be very limited but much better than expected. The GT Radial Champiro SX2 got the power to the ground and was evacuating the water from the contact patch as fast as it could. The lateral grip in the wet was really really good too, I was literally in shock of how hard I could push the limits of the tires adhesion in the wet. Times did show how quick the tires were to being on par with those cars shod with the RE-71R. My times would have been good for a 3rd place standing in the wet had a pesky driver error cone in the slalom not added the dreaded 2 second penalty to my time.


In car action at the Toledo Pro Solo in the wet on the GT Radial Champiro SX2 tires.

GT Radial’s Champiro SX2 after the one ProSolo heat (2 runs per side) we got to run in the driving rain on the Toledo Express Airport's 280 grit surface.

Here is a great shot showing the amount of water evacuation the Champiro SX2 provides.
Perry Bennett of managed to get some really great shots braving the 20-40mph winds and driving rain we had at the event that day. Photo Credit: AutoxPix

The absolutely horrible weather ended up forcing the SCCA staff to call the day at the end of 1st heats. Most of the drivers welcomed the call as no one wanted to go back out and man corners once they'd gotten kinda warm and dry again. In the end a total of 3.4 inches of rain had fallen at Toledo Express Airport that day and the GT Radial Champiro SX2 had proved their worth for wet weather traction. While they may not be the fastest autocross tire in the dry they are definitely a good option for daily driving to events and having for a backup wet event tire. I would recommend the Champiro SX2 as the tires still hold potential for those who want a consistent track day tire, good autocross tire, great drift tire and great daily driver tire all in one package



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