Project V8 RX-7: Wheel, Brake and Tire 3 PART MEGAPOST! Part 3 – The Wheels and Tires Meet the Brakes and Body Kit

Project V8 RX-7 SSR SP4 Professor Wheels Stoptech trophy brakes toyo r888 tires

In Part 1 of our Wheel, Brake and Tire miniseries, we ordered a set of SSR Professor SP4 wheels for our RX-7 from Tanabe and were patiently enduring the two month wait for them to be built in Japan. During that time we fitted our car with a Stoptech Trophy big brake kit (in Part 2) hoping they would clear the wheels.  Right on schedule our wheels arrived and we were able to pick them up from Tanabe’s facility in Torrance!  In Part 3 we’ll finally see how close all our guesses were to being “good enough”!


SSR Professor SP4 3-piece wheels 18x13 & 18x11Our SSR Professor SP4’s in Titan Silver with a polished barrel.
SSR Professor SP4 3-piece wheels 18x13 & 18x11That lip on the rear wheel is wide enough to lay a dollar bill lengthwise… but I forgot to take a picture of that.  Also note the included valve stems.  This is a rear wheel so we’re not worried about clearance on this wheel but the front wheel remains a concern.
SSR Professor SP4 3-piece wheels 18x13 & 18x11From the side you can see where the inner and outer barrels of our 18×13 inch SSR  Professor SP4 wheels are welded and sealed with silicone as added insurance against any air leaks.
SSR Professor SP4 3-piece wheels 18x13 & 18x11A detailed look at the gusseting between the spokes of the SP4. This increases the wheel’s strength without adding much weight.

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