Project V8 RX-7: Wheel, Brake and Tire 3 PART MEGAPOST! Part 3 – The Wheels and Tires Meet the Brakes and Body Kit


SSR Professor SP4 3-piece wheels stoptech big brake kitTime to test fit!  The Stoptech Trophy kit fills up that wheel really well!
SSR Professor SP4 3-piece wheels stoptech big brake kitBut as we feared, just a little too well… A couple more millimeters and we’d be fine.
SSR Valve stemsBefore we drill a new hole in the outer barrel of our shiny new rims we decided to check out Tanabe’s website to see if they had any valve stems that were shorter.  The SP4 came with the stems labeled as “1” in the picture above however the valve stem listed as “3” looked promising because it tightens down from the outside diameter of the wheel (inside the tire), which means as we wrenched it down tighter it would only pull the stem more in the direction we needed it to go to clear the brake rotor!
The valve stems that came with our SSR SP4’s (left) compared to the new ones we picked up from Tanabe.
The new valve stems go in from the inside of the barrel and before they’re even tightened down look like they will offer enough clearance for our front brake calipers.
SSR Professor SP4 Stoptech Big Brake clearanceThat’s a relief!
SSR Professor SP4 3-piece wheels stoptech big brake kitNo clearance problems to worry about in the rear!


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