Project V8 RX-7: Wheel, Brake and Tire 3 PART MEGAPOST! Part 3 – The Wheels and Tires Meet the Brakes and Body Kit


Back at HQ we got the first look of our new brakes, wheels and tires all together on the car!
This also gave us a look at our first problem we thought we might have before when we were looking at tires but chose to deal with it at the time.  At full droop our tires actually contact the Rocketbunny rear overfenders as they turn back rearward near the bottom of the kit.  While we don’t plan to have the rear tires off the ground too often under normal operation it is at a minimum annoying and will make jacking up the rear end of the car and wheel/tire removal more difficult to do without damaging the fiberglass bodykit.
We took two steps to move the rear wheel further back in the fender well to gain more clearance in the front, the first being loosening up our Improved Racing trailing arms and extending the rod a few turns.
We also put a shim (an SR20DE head bolt washer to be exact) on the bolt going into the rear side of the trailing arm to get just a little more length rather than risk not leaving enough threads in the front side of the trailing arm’s rod end.
Finally on the ground again!

But we’re not done yet!  Everything seems to fit OK, we’ve got a little bit of tire rubbing in the front on the front bumper but nothing too bad.  As you’ll recall we ordered our wheels with an offset as close to stock as possible (39mm vs 50mm stock).  That places the outer edge of our rim almost 2 inches inside of the front Rocketbunny overfenders.  While form does follow function here at MotoIQ, it’s not 2 inches behind!

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