Project Autocross BRZ – Nanny Removal with Beastronix


Installation all starts with the removal of this panel on the side of the dash by pulling on the bottom of the panel to pop it loose.
Once removed you will find this lonely screw that holds this side of the lower panel that will need to be removed.
On the lower right side in the driver side cockpit is the other screw that that holds the panel. Once this is removed you will need to pop the panel off and unplug the switches for the dimmer and trunk release.
Once the lower panel is removed you should be looking at this metal plate which has a great mounting surface to adhere the 86Nanny to on it’s backside. Two 10mm bolts hold this plate in place.
Once the plate was removed I chose to use some quality 3M Dual lock velcro to adhere the 86Nanny to the backside of the plate.
Once it was attached the plate can be reinstalled and the wiring can be run with ease. Cable ties to the existing wiring under the dash seemed to work well allowing routing the wiring with easy for the switches, OBDII plug and power tap.
The toggle switches for this custom unit were chosen with a specific purpose in mind to mount inside the pocket under the HVAC controls in the BRZ. Being that our BRZ is a premium model it does have a larger pocket than the limited model.

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  1. wow I never even considered this when thinking about getting an frs for track use. It looks like they don’t sell these anymore. That would be a serious pain and possibly dealbreaker without it. I guess the next best thing would be to go standalone ecu to get rid of the traction control and prevent the factory ecu from dialing out your power gains.

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