Project Autocross BRZ – Nanny Removal with Beastronix


The installation required that the pocket to be removed from the car. The hole size needed for these switches was a ¾ inch. WeI chose to use a ¾ spade drill normally reserved for putting holes in wood but it worked just great on plastic. Spacing is key for this and we ended up with 1 ½ inch spacing left to right and measured ½ inch from the back of the pocket to mark the centerline.
Prior to reinstallation we had to run the cable for the switches. Once that was done things turned out looking good. Switches that are hidden from curious fingers make life grand.

When installing the OBDII adapter we found that bending the OBDII port mounting bracket was  a must. Bending the bracket moves the 86Nanny plug completely out of the way from any possible interference or being inadvertently knocked out of the port.
When connecting the power tap you will be permanently removing your fuse box cover. You will be plugging the power tap into an empty fuse slot shown in this picture. The key is that the head of the fuse must be pointing towards the front of the car, if it isn’t you won’t have power to the 86Nanny.
Once the power tap was installed it was time to confirm the 86Nanny’s function. The dash gets pretty lit, in this picture the ABS is off and the pedal dance is activated immediately on startup. I was also reminded that the seat belt chime was not going to ding, great for anyone who plans to use any type of harness to keep them in place. 


When testing the custom Beastronix 86Nanny each switch did exactly what it was set to do. Pedal dance is no longer a dance, just a switch that you can leave on and activated without a warm up requirement. Just remember to toggle the rocker switch on in the morning and enjoy the hassle free operation. I will warn you that the ABS off button has no place being used for autocross, but for track day use it could be more fun in dry conditions. Having the option though to use it for the test did make for some great fun too. The AC fan on switch has been super helpful keeping the car cool between autocross runs, even more so with a codriver. All said and done this unit does exactly what you need and want it to do. It is customizable and made per your order with the options you choose.

Even better is the maker of Beastronix 86Nanny's commitment to build the best product possible for all end users. If you own a BRZ, FR-S or GT86 this is a must have item.





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  1. wow I never even considered this when thinking about getting an frs for track use. It looks like they don’t sell these anymore. That would be a serious pain and possibly dealbreaker without it. I guess the next best thing would be to go standalone ecu to get rid of the traction control and prevent the factory ecu from dialing out your power gains.

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