Project Camaro Part 1 – Improving Handling with KW Suspension & Whiteline with some Help from Wheel Warehouse!



In order to accomplish all of our planned modifications it was necessary to drop the rear sub-frame assembly. The guys at Wheel Warehouse worked quickly to pull off parts and prepare for the drop.


A transmission jack aided in balancing the sub-frame for a move from the lift to the floor.


With the sub-frame on the floor the rear upper control arm brackets were easily accessible for a bushing change out.  You can see the size of the rubber bushings and the huge windows for flex in them.  The Whiteline parts should improve things greatly.  In our experience, bushings like these can allow the crossmember to move as much as an inch under load!


A bushing replacement job can be significantly aided by the use of a shop press. 


After removing the stock bushing, the rear upper control arm bracket was greased up to aid in the insertion of the new Whiteline bushing.


The Whiteline bushing kit contains washers to ensure proper axial load distribution for the control arm connection.  Check out the difference in the Whiteline vs the stock bushing.  The stock bushing has amazingly huge flex inducing windows in it.  This is pretty unusual for a performance car to have this much engineered flex.


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