Project Camaro Part 1 – Improving Handling with KW Suspension & Whiteline with some Help from Wheel Warehouse!



The Whiteline sway bar mounts feature collar clamps to keep the bar from walking back and forth and building pre-load into the end links after spirited maneuvers. The final end link adjustment took place with the car on the ground, but we chose the middle hole for the sway bar connection to keep our adjustment potential in the mid-range.


The final rear end is a color coordinated masterpiece of purple and gold. The Camaro must be a Lakers fan. 


Moving to the front of the vehicle means victory is almost near! Whiteline’s rack and pinion mount bushings are sure to improve steering feel and feedback.


Next it was on to replace the front lower control arm bushings.


The front KW coilovers provide the mounting points for the front sway bar end links and brake line routing brackets while freeing up valuable wheel well real estate we can put towards wheels and tires in the future. The image provides a good view as to why the front end link lengths are so long. The attachment point is high on the shock body in order to achieve a proper angle for the connection that will keep the sway bar from binding as the wheels travel through the suspension arc. 


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