Project Camaro Part 1 – Improving Handling with KW Suspension & Whiteline with some Help from Wheel Warehouse!



A bit more elbow grease was required to force out the rear cross-member bushings. Plastic mallets are handy in order to reduce potential damage when using blunt force measures.  The guys at Wheel Warehouse did a great job in getting the diffcult parts of the installation done quickly and well.


The Whiteline cross-member bushings contain solid material surrounding the metal center sleeve where the stock bushings are hollowed out. This reduces the allowable displacement between the body and the cross-member as there is no longer a radial range of undamped free play built into the bushings. 


The stock differential bushings also feature large voids which enable significant free play between the differential and body. However, unlike the solid design of the cross-member bushings, Whiteline’s differential bushings contain through holes in an even circular pattern. 


The holes through the bushings increase compressibility in the radial displacement. The differential is a noisy assembly and maintaining some compliance aids in preventing all that sound and vibration from being transferred to the passengers through the body.


Finishing up the remaining bushing changes in the rear control arms required a lot of grease to get things separated.  


With all the rear bushing changes out of the way and the rear end re-installed the KW coilovers could be hooked up using the stock upper mounts

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