Project Cappuccino: A Wee Bit O’ Power
Fujitsubo Exhaust Welding Detail
The attention to detail is stunning. It’s a shame all of this beautiful welding is hidden under the car. Speedhunters did a great writeup of the Fujitsubo factory a few years ago if you want more details on what goes into these exhausts.
Fujitsubo Exhaust Accessories
Fujitsubo supplies brand-new hardware, gaskets, and brackets with the exhaust ensuring an easy and leak-free installation. If you want to save on shipping, contact Keisport USA. They are a Fujitsubo dealer and get regular shipments of these exhausts by boat. This saves a few hundred dollars on shipping compared to most dealers. Keisport can also get exhausts for other popular Kei cars like the Honda Beat, as well as any other platforms Fujitsubo supports.
Fujitsubo Exhaust Hanger Bracket
Installation is very straightforward and nearly identical to the factory installation. The one exception is this clamp that bolts to the transmission. With its changed routing, the Power Getter exhaust removes two of the five hangers that normally secure the exhaust to the car. This bracket better spreads the weight along more of the exhaust length which should reduce fatigue on the joints. There is a flex joint downstream so drivetrain vibrations do not crack the exhaust.
Fujitsubo Power Getter Exhaust Installed in Cappuccino
The Power Getter exhaust looks fantastic underneath our Cappuccino. You can see here how the exhaust has to dodge the differential. With the OEM routing, the exhaust turned to the right, then did a 180 into the muffler. With Fujitsubo’s routing, the exhaust only makes a 45° turn to the left before exiting the car. The new exhaust also sounds awesome, nice and throaty without being obnoxious or ricey.


    1. Thank you! I’ve been enjoying learning all about this platform and I’m glad folks enjoy what I’ve put together.

  1. Awesome. 3 cyl motors sound a lot like straight 6’s the same way the inline 5s of RS3 and TTRS sound like their 10 cyl big brothers.

  2. Duralast? Yuck. I wouldn’t count on any longevity out of that coil. Parts store brand stuff is awful quality in my experience unless something has recently changed. Looks like NGK and Delphi still supply coils for a 98 Metro for under $50. I’d go with one of those.

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