Project Cappuccino: Testing the Kei Sport USA PNP ECU
Kei Sport USA PNP ECU Kit
The Kei Sport USA PNP kit is very complete. Our unit was an early prototype and by the time you read this Kei Sport USA will be offering a revised version of the PCB. However the basics of the kit will be unchanged.
The heart of the kit is the new PCB that replaces the original Suzuki ECU. The PCB is based on the Megasquirt open source hardware. The PCB is designed to drop right into the Suzuki case using the original mounting screws and header connector.  The ECU comes pre-flashed with a tune Kei Sport USA has spent months developing on the dyno and street.
Kei Sport USA USB & Serial Cables
Kei Sport USA provides multiple methods of communicating between the ECU and PC. A USB to UART cable is provided, but this connection system is not automotive designed and could fail overtime. For owners who wish to retune or datalog often, the provided Innovate Motorsports serial cable should be selected.
14point7 Spartan 2 Lambda Controller & Bosch LSU4.9 Lambda Sensor
When tuning an engine a proper reading of the air/fuel ratio is a requirement. This is done with a wideband oxygen (lambda) sensor. Older cars like the Cappuccino came equipped with a narrowband sensor which is not useful for performance tuning. Narrowband oxygen sensors are more or less extinct now, so here is a quick refresher on the difference between the two. The Kei Sport USA kit includes this Bosch LSU 4.9 wideband oxygen sensor to replace the original  sensor. Along with the sensor, a pre-terminated 14point7 Spartan 2 Lambda controller is also provided. By using the Spartan 2, we can completely replace the original sensor, allowing us to both run the car from this sensor and also be able to tune the engine correctly, all without any wiring or welding.
Kei Sport USA Bluetooth Adapter
A special treat Kei Sport USA sent us was this prototype Bluetooth unit. This replaces the USB cable allowing a Bluetooth capable device to connect to the ECU wirelessly. This can support both datalogging and tuning.


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