Project Cappuccino: Testing the Kei Sport USA PNP ECU
Kei Sport USA V1.2 ECU
One of the primary issues with the prototype units is the UART connections for USB and Bluetooth. UART is not designed for automotive applications and the Bluetooth adapter is mechanically unsupported. This could lead to a PCB failure down the line. Kei Sport USA sent us this photo of their latest revision of the PCB that addresses this issue.
Shorai Battery Disconnection
As with any electrical project, the first step is to isolate the battery. We recently upgraded to a Shorai lithium battery and will detail that installation in the near future.
Suzuki Cappuccino kick panel
Like most 90’s cars, the Cappuccino stores its ECU inside the passenger compartment. The Cappuccino’s ECU is located on the passenger side under the kick panel where the speakers mount. This panel is held in by a couple of trim retainers and the flare mount.
Suzuki Cappuccino glovebox hinge
Removing the glovebox makes accessing the ECU much easier. On the right side, this trim clip acts as part of the pivot. Remove the screw, pull the clip, then wiggle the glovebox out.
Suzuki Cappuccino ECU location
Now we can easily get to the ECU. Unplug the two connectors and remove the pair of 10mm bolts holding it in. The lower mount is slotted, so this bolt doesn’t even have to be fully removed.


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