Project Civic SI: CT Engineering Intake and Exhaust (Video Inside)


The CT-Engineering Civic SI exhaust is made out of 304 stainless 2.5” diameter mandrel bent .065” tube finished off with a polished 4” resonated exhaust tip.  The exhaust is TIG welded by hand in-house at CT-Engineering so you can begin to understand why I didn’t want an adapter pipe muddled in with all the craftsmanship.

Civic SI muffler CT Engineering

Known as the “quiet exhaust” company CT Engineering finishes off their exhaust with a resonated tip in addition to the resonated muffler and a resonator in the mid-pipe.  We've been resonated!


Civic Sedan exhaust
The stainless exhaust hangers are a nice touch and factory style exhaust gaskets are used on the midpipe


SI factory CAT
We also replaced the gasket at the CAT with a Honda factory gasket.


Howard Watanabe of Technosquare Aaron LaBeau MotoIQ

While Howard bolts up the exhaust I read our on-going debate about engine downsizing on MotoIQ.

To ensure I had plenty of pipe to work with CT-Engineering left our exhaust with about 6.5” of extra pipe.  With an impending deadline at Technosquare to dyno all these go fast parts I didn’t have time to take both exhausts off for comparison side by side.  I also didn’t have access to a lift or pit that would have made this job much simpler but I do have a Father-in-Law with a welding shop and a welding table.  So off went the stock exhaust to create a jig at Dad’s welding shop.  A few days later the CT-Engineering cat back exhaust came in; measure twice cut once, we were committed to our prior days’ work and welded the flange on.

TIG Welding the SI Exhaust CT Engineering
It was a lot of fun working on this part of the project with the folks at CT-Engineering.  Here they are TIG welding up the last part of the exhaust.  I went back and forth with them many times on various parts of building this exhaust and they were always friendly and helpful.  The placard on the welding table is a nice touch, we didn’t ask them to do that.  Honest!

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