Project Civic SI: CT Engineering Intake and Exhaust (Video Inside)



 Civic SI CT Engineering Intake and Exhaust dyno
The Norse Gods of horsepower were not with us until we bolted up the CT-Engineering exhaust.  The Black line was our stock baseline.  The Blue was the intake pull which at points lost power.  The red line was with both the Hondata reflash and exhaust.  Peak power with just the reflash was about the same as stock but the bumps in the power curve were eliminated with nice steady increases through the rev range.  Somehow I missed getting that chart though.


Howards can of magic anti-seize

Puff, puff, there goes Howards magic anti-seize as we burn it off with a dozen or so full throttle blasts.


Technosquare the best damn shop period

Our next update will be coming real soon with a full write-up on Hondata's flashpro.  Until then Happy Motoring!



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