Project Civic SI: CT Engineering Intake and Exhaust (Video Inside)


SI Sedan Exhaust FA5 CT Engineering

Paying it forward a bit here we’re taking the measurements so sedan owners can get their own exhaust fabbed up.  Here’s a larger image of the SI sedan exhaust for those that are interested.  Even though the tape measure shows 33½” to the bend in the jig I would make it 34”  I got a little hasty cutting off the extra pipe provided by CT Engineering and the exhaust just barely holds onto the factory hangers.

CT SI exhaust .vs stock SI exhaust

Out of all the parts that went on the car we expected to see the smallest results out of the exhaust.  We were wrong!  Peak to peak power we measured 3.5 more HP and 4.5 more torque.  More important, were the power gains across the curve and we saw nice increases between 3-12 HP and 2-15 lb-ft of torque.  Editorial deadlines being what they are we didn’t have time to un-bolt parts and start from scratch again.  So, whether it was un-corking the exhaust or the Hondata ECU we can’t be sure but all these parts have been dyno proven in the past and at the end of the day, we had to lay some of our curiosity to rest.  We’ll be fully testing Hondata’s Flashpro returning the car back to stock, using a base tune map and finally head over to Church Automotive Testing for a customized map with full dyno results.


FA5 SI Exhaust CT Engineering

Surprisingly our exhaust is quite loud cruising around town in the lower RPM range.  We’re going to try another resonator in the mid pipe section right after the cross-brace in the exhaust tunnel


SI resonated exhaust
No fart can exhausts in our stable of cars…  Even the tip is resonated

Impressions of the parts are very positive with wooshing from the intake under heavy throttle and a nice growl from the exhaust once VTEC kicks on the high cam.  Light throttle cruising is stock like and throttle response has definitely improved.  There is a drone in the exhaust between 2,800 and 3,500 RPM’s which is exactly in the middle of the rev-range when on the freeway.  This is surprising because CT-Engineering is known as being the quiet exhaust company with many customers wishing their exhausts were more aggressive sounding.  Other SI sedan owners have had similar issues with exhausts so we’ll be working with CT-Engineering on bolting up another high-flow straight through resonator close to the CAT to eliminate the unwanted drone while retaining the performance.


The exhaust really screams at high RPM!

The important part of the video is the audio which I always wish there was more of when shopping for exhausts. The smoke in the background as the video continues is the exhaust breaking in and the anti-seize burning off.

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