Project DC2 Integra: Starting the Journey Toward Better Lap Times with KW Suspension


The rear KW V3's sport a spring rate of 2.6kg, again quite a bit stiffer than stock.


The Variant III damper is independently adjustable with 16 clicks for both compression and rebound damping. Independent adjustment gives the end user tremendous flexibility to dial in the car for both ride comfort and dynamic balance. Independent damping adjustment also helps dial the damper when using custom spring rates, and the Variant III can tolerate a pretty big change before revalving is needed. 

The rebound damping adjusters are easy to reach from the engine compartment, they're simple adjustment knobs on the top of the shock shafts. The compression adjuster requires a little more work, but the adjustments clicks have very good feed back so you always know how many clicks you've made.


Turning the plastic protector on the bottom of the shock will reveal the compression adjuster. 


The V3 shock bodies are made of rust resistant stainless steel with the spring adjusting collar made of stainless reinforced engineered plastic that will not corrode and get stuck, even in the worst salty road winter you can imagine. This makes KW one of the only true 4 season coilovers. It also helps that the V3 has a limited lifetime warranty. The dampers are also fully serviceable and can be completely rebuilt.

For our car, we chose the DC2 Type R rear shock, which has an eye-type mount. The standard DC2 Integra has a fork mount with the bushing living in the lower control arm.


To the advantage of the eye-type rear shock is that you can use the Type R rear lower arms which are a stiffer, U channel design versus the thin stock, GSR forged arms.


First, Howard starts on the rear suspension by removing the rear lower control arm.  He has to remove the anti sway bar, the lower shock mount, the end that attaches to the rear knuckle and the end that attached to the chassis. 


You can see the thin, stock GSR lower control arm compared to the beefy, stamped Type R lower arm here. Our Type R arms were brand new OEM from the dealer and had the yucky thick coating of anti rust material from the factory!


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