Project DC2 Integra: Starting the Journey Toward Better Lap Times with KW Suspension


The front mount is bolted down to the shock shaft and the shock assembly is now ready to be installed into the car!


The bottom of the shock is slid into the fork that bolts to the lower control arm, and the pinch bolt installed. 


Our front suspension is now ready to be driven!


Our car now sits an attractive additional inch lower from the Koni kit which was already about 1.2″ lower than stock. 


While driving the car around town we've been enjoying a firm yet comfortable ride made possible with KW's modern digressive shock valving. The worn Konis felt less controlled, yet harsher over bumps at the same time. The differences we've experienced are huge! With the KW's giving our DC2 much better handling, and also delivering greatly improved ride comfort. 

We haven't done a track test of our Variant III's just yet, but after dialing them in and doing some harder driving we've noticed the additional control the KW's gave our DC2 have made the rest of the suspension feel soft and over compliant. To fix this we will be adding a larger adjustable front Whiteline anti-sway bar to compliment the large diameter and good quality, Comptech rear bar that came with our car. We will also be replacing the mushy stock rubber bushings that have been softened with 150,000 miles of daily driving use with Whiteline's polyurethane parts. We will finish things off with a performance wheel alignment with our friends at West End Alignment and it will then be time to revisit the track to measure the improvements.

Stay tuned for more to come!




KW Suspension

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