Project DC2 Integra: Starting the Journey Toward Better Lap Times with KW Suspension


You can see the difference between the old Koni Yellow and the modern V3 here. It is pretty apparent!


The V3 has a shorter body, as to not give up bump travel, and of course, it is adjustable for compression and rebound damping as well as ride height. The Koni's adjustment affects mostly the rebound only, and the body is not shortened. The stock body length of the Konis limits bump travel when lowered. 

You might also notice that although both shocks are twin tube, the KW V3 is much larger in diameter for a bigger piston and more fluid capacity. 


The V3 reuses the stock rubber upper mount for NVH reduction reasons. You must use this KW adaptor to convert the stock mount over to the KW V3 shaft diameter. 


Everything is buttoned up and ready to go back in the car. 


You can see how the Type R lower control arm shock mount is completely different than the stock GSR part. 


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