Project Defiant1: KA24DE Build-Part 2
Project Defiant1

Project Defiant1: KA24DE Built Part 2: The Devil's Details

By Justin Banner

The KA24DE, the engine that Nissan should have installed in the 240SX from the start and where many should have started with before moving on to the SR20DET. The dual camshaft engine offers a larger displacement, no rocker arms to break, and a cast iron block that makes it very easy to turbocharge, so long as you don't go stupid on it. Also, just because parts are there, doesn't mean you can just throw it all in there! You need to check your measurements, check the work, and then put together a winning engine that will blow the doors off those JDM-only idiots.

Walker Wilkerson S13 SR20DET
DAWW, ain't it cute? This is a prime example of the SR20DET. Now it's time to start MAN-SIZING! (Sorry, Walker, I couldn't resist!)

To be honest, you'll notice that a majority of these pictures are taken mostly after I've put a majority of the engine together. What I hadn't realized is 1. MotoIQ hasn't done a Budget Engine Build article… EVER. 2. A boring, detailed engine build could actually help you guys who are doing this in your backyard, too. 3. The first article really made it seem like I just tossed pistons in and had not checked anything. The reality was I had, I just wanted to keep it quick and interesting. Call this the “Certified Legit” portion of the engine build!

Project Defiant1
How it came back from the machine shop, not bad, huh?

If you put your trust in a machine shop that puts out quality work, they will do a good job. In this economy, they have no choice! If they do a bad job and word gets out, their reputation is ruined and they'll almost certainly never get it back. There is a local machine shop nearly in my backyard, but I choose to drive 45 minutes into Richmond and use a NAPA machine shop because of the backyard shop's bad reputation. They guys at Chamberlyne Avenue did a great job for me, despite a small dispute with a charge (which I am still glad they did even now)!

Project Defiant1
Hey, they are boxed for a reason! Always send the pistons you intend to use along with your engine block to your machine shop!

When you send your engine to the machine shop, send your pistons with it! Doesn't matter if it's OEM or JE Pistons, if your machine shop knows what it has to work with, the better and easier your job is! Again, I trust these guys, but always check the block because you never know what might happen during machining or even as you transport the engine. Chamberlyne didn't disappoint me, as the block came out clean, stripped, and within specification!

Project Defiant1Project Defiant1 
Always do a little “house cleaning” after getting your block back. It will pay off in the end!



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