Project Do It All S13, Chassis Fabrication part 2 With ZSM Customs

From our last article, we are continuing to build on the body structure of our S13 to both improve handling and safety. ZSM Customs cut out the spare tire well to accommodate our Radium Engineering fuel cell.  ZSM did a CAD drawing of the panel filler needed to mount the fuel cell and laser cut the panel, this enables a very clean OEM-like installation.  We positioned the fuel cell to be as far forward and centrally located as possible to allow as much body structure as possible to protect the cell for safety and to centralize the load so fuel load would have a lower impact on the car’s handling.

This is the fuel cell mounting filler panel from the bottom.

The old fuel pump access hatch was welded shut.

We test-fitted the fuel cell before welding everything in place.

We were worried that the big fuel cell would hang too low and we would have to build an odd upper structure inside the car to raise it but it actually was not bad.  We made sure that the fuel cell was at least 4″ away from being the lowest part of the car.

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