Project E36 M3: Part 6 – Short Shifter and Engine Mounts


Project M3 short shifter distancePrior to installation, it made sense to log just how much the shifting distance would change. This highly scientific method of measurement has zero margin of error (yes, that’s sarcasm), but it at least gives a vague idea of stock vs. Rogue's Octane SSK.
Project M3 short shifter distanceThis shows that the stock shifter action has about 4.75 inches of movement from first to second gear. Maybe it’s beneficial to have time to think between shifts on the Autobahn, but I don’t need that much time, so something significantly shorter and more crisp sounds much more appealing.
Project M3 old shifterThe plan was to change out the old shift knob eventually anyway, but as we dug into the installation process, it was obvious why the illuminated shift knob wasn’t lighting up.  Maybe the previous owner was just annoyed by the lighted knob? Plus, a little bonus electrical tape around the lever to make you really wonder what had happened in its previous life. You gotta love pre-owned cars! 
Project M3 short shifter drive shaftOnce the shift knob, boot, and everything else up top is removed, it’s time to get under the car and remove the whole shifter and carrier. Looks like our driveshaft has had an interesting life so far.

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