Project E36 M3: Part 6 – Short Shifter and Engine Mounts


Project M3 Group N engine mount comparisonMore scientific measurements! This photo was taken after the old mount (left) had been out of the car for a while, and it actually gained some height back by this time. While the engine may have been enjoying a lower center of gravity for a while, the added stiffness and security of these new BimmerWorld engine mounts is a serious dose of peace of mind.
Project M3 BimmerWorld engine mounts group NWith the new mounts in, positioned properly, and torqued down to the correct spec. We're looking forward to many years of solid performance from these engine mounts, and now passengers get to hear a bit more of that sweet inline six rumbling into the interior.
Project M3 BimmerWorld engine mount installationThe top of the driver side mount takes a bit more effort for removal and replacement than the passenger side, as you have to remove the intake elbow in order to gain access to the top nut. A bit more time added to the job, but only a few minutes.
Project M3 BimmerWorld Engine Mounts passenger sideThe passenger side has much easier access, so there’s nothing to remove and a fairly easy view of your work space below…
Project M3 BimmerWorld Engine Mount installationIronically, the easier part of a job is generally the best place to get injured. Nothing beats that moment when you think your socket is on tight enough and you give it a little bit of extra elbow grease. It’s not a successful day in the garage without a little bit of blood.

The test drive proved that you should always double check your work. Shifting into third gear felt a bit soft and cushy, and the lever popped out of gear as I accelerated. Back in the garage for investigation, and it was obviously my own fault for not securing the rubber boot that seals the upper shifter from the transmission tunnel. It had popped off a bit and acted as a rubber spring. Surprise!

Everything was flawless after correcting my installation error. The proper shifting feel that I missed from my previous cars was back where it should be, and the whole drivetrain felt much more solid thanks to the new engine mounts. Now that the car is feeling so good, it’s time to start adding a little more pep to its step. Stay tuned…


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