Project E36 M3: Part 6 – Short Shifter and Engine Mounts


Project M3 factory BMW shifterThere aren’t many pictures of the removal process because my effort was all spent working solo and cursing, but here’s the old shifter and carrier out of the car. Right into the trash is where it was happily placed. 
Project M3 Rogue Engineering WSRThe new WSR on top with the old selector rod underneath. Much of the smooth and precise feel of the Octane SSK comes from the WSR, as you get the benefits of reduced shifting distance while also improving the feel, which isn’t usually the case with SSKs.
Project M3 Rogue WSRYou can see the quality in every part of the kit, and the CNC machined 303 stainless steel selector rod with it’s ultra clean welds is no exception. 
Project M3 bitch clipThere it is in all its glory. The infamous “bitch” clip, named appropriately for the amount of effort required to replace it. Removal isn’t so much the problem, as you’ve got free license to destroy it if necessary since the kit comes with a new one. It’s getting the new one in and fully attached that will test your patience.
Project M3 Rogue Engineering shifter installThe new Rogue Octane SSK is easiest to install if you put it all together as one piece, attach everything as it was removed underneath the car, and then finish off from the top as you see here. The shifter cup is fully lubricated to ensure that we don’t need to get back in there for any annoying issues.

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