Project E46 M3: Part 6 – AEM Infinity Plug and Play EMS


Some of the CAN BUS features include a 3-step launch control activated with the Cruise on-off switch (I/O) on the bottom-left, two positions of user-definable traction control with the upper-left Cruise-set button, and an 8-map toggle with the Cruise-up (+) and Cruise-down (-) buttons on the right, which lets you mix and match between VE, boost, lambda and ignition.  

Toggling between the eight allowable maps with the Cruise up/down buttons is pretty neat.  When you first press the “+” button, the tach will momentarily sit at position 1 (or 1000 RPM), and then position 2 if you hit it again, and all the way up to 8000 RPM.  This can even be done on the fly, and RPM is not affected.


Holding down the cruise-control “1/O” on-off button, the tach lights will illuminate, and the engine can't go past a user-definable rev limit.  In our case it's set at 3000 RPM from AEM's base map.  With button pressed, if I floor it, the car bounces off a 3000 RPM rev limiter until I let go, at which point the tach will zip to redline.  This can can also be used to control pit lane speed.  To see how it launches on video, click below.


Here's a quick 0-125mph launch using the AEM Infinity’s launch mode.  Given it’s one of the first times I ever even tried it, this shows how easy it truly is, even if you are holding a phone in your left hand to capture video.


Another CAN BUS feature is using the Infinity’s dual throttle mapping, which is toggled with the factory “Sport” button.  This way you can program two different DBW settings for racing in the dry or in the rain.

As you may have noticed with some of my previous articles, I love to show what's sometimes prowling around MKC's garage.  Today, this white, near-stock looking E46 M3 caught my eye.

There's more than meets the eye with this car.  Flip to the next page to see what's going on under the hood…

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