Project E46 M3: Part 6 – AEM Infinity Plug and Play EMS


It’s super clean, but the only upgrades anyone will notice right away are a set of modular wheels and uber-expensive Alcon brakes all around.


Standing amidst an assortment of turbocharged car madness, this M3 looks to be a little out gunned power-wise.  But after looking closely and noticing the “sleeper M3” license plate and “HPF” badging, maybe it’s not.  In fact, it looks like it's taunting everybody (maybe because it's also the only one that appears to be running).


But pop open the hood, and it all starts to become clear.  This engine sports an HPF Stage 2.5 turbo kit, which features a PT67 turbo and a fully built motor.  Without the “Turbo” badging, many unsuspecting eyes would quickly overlook it, thanks to the black crinkle finish.  I'll bet several of us didn't even notice the black-out intercooler behind the front bumper in the first place. 


It turns out this car makes an everyday 692whp at 23 PSI on pump 93 and methanol injection.  With the Racelogic traction control it's insanely fast to drive, yet surprisingly smooth.  At part-throttle it basically behaves like a stock M3, and is even quieter than most M3's I've driven.

 And no surprise to us, it turns out this car's got an old-school AEM piggyback EMS to control AFR and ignition.


Just this week AEM released its new Infinity-6 and Infinity-8h EMS systems for six-cylinder race as well as 8-cylinder (high-impedence injectors only for 8 cyl) engines!

Look at what showed up at our door!  Hopefully this setup, which includes a resonated Section1 portion that will replace our stock piece, will help quiet our car down without sacrificing power.  Stay tuned…


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Modified by KC


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