Project E90 M3: Part 3 – LED Angel Eyes

Angel Eye uneven haloHere you can see that from certain angles, the outer ring does not look completely lit due to the nature of the fiber optic lines, while the inner rings are much brighter and continuous.

Top CapThe first step for the Angel Eye EAS H8 LED bulb installation is to open the hood and locate the headlight access panel.
Top Cap RemovalUse a flat head screwdriver to lift up and remove the panel.
Inside headlight housingInside the access panel is pretty cramped with the low beam, high beam, and H8 Angel Eye bulb.
Inside RemoveLift up on the tabs to unplug the original bulb.
Inside BulbTwist the bulb in the housing to unlock and remove it.  As you can see, it’s a regular H8 bulb commonly used for headlights.

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