Project E90 M3: Part 3 – LED Angel Eyes

Angel Eye Bulb CompareCompared to the factory H8 halogen bulb, the European Auto Source EAS H8 LED kit is a little more involved with its power source, ballast, and wiring. Fortunately this kit is plug and play and everything fits in the headlight housing without modification.  The LED bulb is 98% efficient and does not heat up or require an external heat sync other than the one built in to the bulb itself.

New Bulb CompleteWith the EAS H8 LED bulb plugged in, the next step is to attach the bulb to the housing and stuff the ballasts and wiring in to the access panel.
New Bulb InsertThere’s not a lot of room here but the new bulb slides right in and with a quarter-turn, is locked in place.
New Bulb complete installedWith the LED bulb plugged in and the ballasts mounted, the installation is complete once he access panel is reinstalled.
Halo side by side comparisonThe new 6,500K heat range EAS H8 LED bulbs (left) give our M3 a modern look with its bright white light when compared to the factory 3,000K H8 Halogens (right).

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