The Best of 2018- Project EP3 Civic Si: Why the Suspension Sucks and How to Fix It!

The Best of 2018- Project EP3 Civic Si: Why the Suspension Sucks and How to Fix It!


For the Holidays, we take a look back at some of our most popular stores and videos of this year!

Since us MotoIQ nerds have a heightened perception of what is “an acceptable” level of handling in a car, we realize that we bit off quite a bit to chew with (arguably) Honda’s worst handling Civic- the EP3 generation. What have we done to correct it and did it work? Watch to find out, with MotoIQ’s chassis engineer, Mike Kojima, and test driver, Karla Pestotnik!


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  1. I have been following your build with my own little blue EP3. I just most of all the geometry correcting suspension parts that you did and my car is transformed! Thanks for doing this project I keep checking back on this site every day for more EP3 updates!

    Here is my build below. I have converted to K-Pro and E85 fuel along with some other things.

  2. Thought that this project looked interesting. Unfortunately several of the important parts are no longer available, like the steering box slider or the Fortune Auto coil overs. do you have any suggestions for replacing these parts?

    1. The slider is available, we just got another one for another project. Feals is a good alternative for the coilovers and I belive KW makes some too.

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