Project F150: Part One – Opening Things Up With a MagnaFlow Exhaust System


MagnaFlow’s muffler is a straight-through design with a perforated core. Unlike louvered or baffled mufflers, the MagnaFlow muffler wiill not cause turbulance or backpressure in the exhaust flow. The muffler also helps keep the system from droning at cruising speeds.


Can you have too big an exhaust system on a turbo-powered truck? We think not. One big consideration that affects sizing choices on a typical passenger car does not play here — packaging restrictions. In addition to the typical increase in space and overall clearance of a truck, the FX4 package gives us even more room for a beefy exhaust system. Consider how tightly packed all components are in a typical import!


The extra exhaust pipe on the right will not be used in our application, as it is meant to be used with the longer F150 EcoBoost models.


Howard puts the finishing touch on the MagnaFlow exhaust system. Note the use of a jack stand to ensure better flange alignment. This system uses slip-fittings — that means there is no welding involved. This is entirely a bolt-on affair, and something you can easily install yourself in a couple hours.


You can see here how well the MagnaFlow exhaust system is fitting. The system has been mated to the stock front section and the stock hanger locations line up perfectly.


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  1. Curious – I just installed the Magnaflow 4 inch exhaust on a 2.7 and got a couple overboost codes when in tow mode. The truck is not tuned. Funny thing is I just replaced a 3 inch on same truck and it seemed to be more powerful. No dyno no tune just wondering if you have any thoughts or advice. The muffler on the 4inch MF system is way too loud for me. LOL

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