Project F150: Part One – Opening Things Up With a MagnaFlow Exhaust System


Finally, lets compare our baseline power data (MotoiQF1503) with the results we got after the additions of the MagnaFlow 4″ exhaust systerm and 5StarTuning 91 octane map. 













 Exhaust & Tune




With our freshly installed MagnaFlow exhaust and a custom tune, we can already see good potential here. More boost, increased timing, and better fuel tables really let the exhaust system go to work. In addition, improved transmission shifting strategies, and timing changes are apparent in everyday driving situations. We'll cover ECU tuning details in a future update.

The total area under the curve represents visually apparent gains everywhere. When combined with the tune, the gains are significant. We're looking at an improvement of 37.4 WHP and 28 LB/FT TQ over stock. At 4,600 RPM, we’re seeing about 40 lb-ft torque improvement over our stock baseline run!  Our seat-of-the-pants dyno backs this up — this rig is a lot faster.  


A final look at our MagnaFlow 4″ exhaust system installed and ready to hit the road!



MagnaFlow describes the sound level of the 4″ exhaust system for the EcoBoost Ford F150 as “moderate” and we definitely agree with that. At idle, there’s a very pleasant and deep rumble (though low-frequency bass is not captured on the limited sample range of our microphones). The truck revs faster, and you can hear the turbos spooling from both the engine bay and through the exhaust now.  The exhaust can be heard within the cabin anytime the engine is under load, but it does not drone at typical freeway speeds.  

Take a listen for yourself in the above video. What do you think? To our ears, we hear an interesting cross of a Nissan VQ and a modern V8. Under heavy acceleration, it sounds a lot like a typical performance car. No, we don’t have the fake engine sounds enabled! We know Ford calls it “order content” — after you realize it is intended to address the sounds associated with firing order and the first few harmonics, it makes sense. We miss regular V8 sounds too, but this is the new sound of engine technology.

We’re happy with this modest upgrade and will now turn our attention to future modifications. In upcoming episodes, we’ll cover ECU tuning, LED lighting (headlights and accessory lighting), along with a few special bolt-ons.




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  1. Curious – I just installed the Magnaflow 4 inch exhaust on a 2.7 and got a couple overboost codes when in tow mode. The truck is not tuned. Funny thing is I just replaced a 3 inch on same truck and it seemed to be more powerful. No dyno no tune just wondering if you have any thoughts or advice. The muffler on the 4inch MF system is way too loud for me. LOL

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