Project F150: Part Two – Lighting Things Up with LEDs!


With the new bulbs, ballast and connectors installed and sealed, Howard reinstalls the housing on the F150. 


Our truck is new, but if you have a bunch of miles through lots of season changes, you should expect to lose a tab or two.  Heat cycling embrittles plastic of all kind, and this is no exception.  The good news is that these are cheap and readily available from your local Ford dealer.


The final trim pieces are buttoned up, and the installation is complete!


Here's a shot inside MotoIQ's darkened garage.  Capturing an accurate photo of headlight output is notoriously tough, but this is sufficient to show you the color output and shape you can expect.  We find it even brighter and fuller than the OEM LED setup.  This is especially true if you use them as Daytime Running Lights — Ford turns down the output for their LEDs when running in this capacity.  This strategy isn't unique; nearly all OEMs do this.


PSA moment here:  If you don't take the few minutes to aim your headlights properly, you're that guy. With tremendously higher output in the wrong direction, you're simply a public menace. Those high-beams flashed your way are telling you something. Do the right thing.


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