Project F150: Part Two – Lighting Things Up with LEDs!


Here, Howard measures the effect of the headlights before adjustment for ideal results. 


Headlights adjusted for maximum visibility without being too high and blinding others on the road. 

Overall, we're quite happy with the results.  While we didn't capture a side-by-side comparison, the change is dramatic.  Light output from the factory is a mere 1000 lumens (at best) per headlight.  So, really more than 10x the output of our stock setup?  Yes, absolutely!  Unlike the stock headlights, you can see output from these new units during the day against the body of other cars (aimed low enough to be nuisance-free, of course). 

While you're in the housing, you can easily replace the side marker and turn signals with LEDs too.  If you decide to do this later, the process is a lot faster the second time — ask how we know!  “4×4 Truck LEDs” also has a full complement of accessory light applications.  Drop in replacements are available for the cab, license plate, taillights, and reverse lights (we have the OEM LED bed lights along with the mirror spot lights — both are quite good).  While there are custom fog lights available, you can simply mount an extra set of LED headlight units in the same housing!

Verdict?  Driving at night, especially in rural areas, feels a lot safer.  The same is true for fire roads and open off-roading.  When necessary, the high beams really light up the road ahead.  There’s so much more usable light now!  Under ordinary driving conditions, we don't get flashed by oncoming traffic, and beam edges are nicely defined.  This is a small project with a big quality of life payoff.  If you want to treat your rig to a similar cost-effective upgrade, reach out to “4×4 Truck LEDs”.


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