Project FD RX7 Restomod: Part 2 – Titan 7 TD-6 Wheels and Continental Force Tire

Continental Extremecontact Force inner carcassThe internal construction consists of robust two-ply polyester casing for precise handling and twin steel belts provide durability and high-speed capability.  The single polyamide cap ply increases footprint control during heavy loading conditions.

To avoid cracking, the tires should not be exposed to less than 20*F, and if they are, they should be gradually returned to temperatures of >40*F for 24 hours before being driven or even adjusting the tire pressures.  This is a common problem for many super-aggressive compounds designed to thrive in high temp track conditions, again, showing how track-focused this tire is.

Continental Extremecontact Force 255/40-17 weightThis 255/40-17 Extremecontact Sport tire weighed in at 24lbs on our scales, to’s 23lb quote.  That’s also in line with the ~1lb wheel difference from Titan 7’s published numbers.

Billy Johnson Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge Daytona victory lap driftI’ve won a lot of races on the Hoosier (later turned Continental) in the Grand-Am Cup/Koni Challenge/Conti Challenge series.  I’ve also been a big fan of their Extremcontact DW and the newer SPORT tire for many years.  Due to how well-rounded it is in terms of performance, wet and dry grip, how quiet it is, and it’s driving dynamics and price point, I have used them on many of my daily drivers, including MotoIQ’s Project E90 M3.  I was really looking forward to how this more track-focused FORCE tire performed.

Stock FD RX7 tire sizeThe factory OEM RX-7 wheels are 16×8 +50 and are fitted with 225/50-16 tires.  This particular car had a larger diameter 225/55-16 Toyo Proxes 4.

Stock FD RX7 tire size vs 255/40-17 Continental Extremecontact ForceOur new 17×9.5+51 Titan 7 T-D6 wheels and 255/40-17 Continental Extremecontact Force tires have the proper diameter for the RX-7, and are noticeably wider.


  1. Great article. I can’t wait for the track test. I am also looking at some Titan 7 made wheels for my 08 Miata. Evasive Motorsports has a custom line made for them by Titan. 17×10 +47 EVS Tuning 52R, which should need just a 3-5mm spacer to fit the NC properly. They are meant for S2000’s, but luckily that offset is very close to what the NC’s need, too.

    Where are the Titan’s made?

  2. Valve stems are placed where they are most aesthetic on modern aluminum wheels, not on the heavy spot of the wheel. It’s nice to be consistent about aligning the dot on the tire with the valve stem but it really means nothing.

    1. I think he was just saying that on pro race cars, they make a mark on the tire at the valve stem to keep an eye on slip.

      1. Correct, it’s easy to make a small line with a paint pen to mark the valve stem position to monitor tire slippage on the wheel.

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