The CSF Porsche 911, a Retromodern Rocket

When you have been in the industry as long as we have, frankly it’s pretty hard to impress us. However Ravi Dolwani the head honcho at CSF Radiators has done just that with his wonderful G Body 911. Ravi collaborated with Simo Veharanta of SV Automotive who handled the fabrication and assembly of the car and legendary stylist Jon Sibal who penned the looks of the car.  Unlike many stylized Porsches, Ravi’s car has much more than a pretty face.  Let’s take a look inside this marvelous machine, just a quick peek.  We will be coming out with a detailed video on the car soon.

SV Automotive started the project with a 1982 911 SC shell that they had in stock.  SV is a renowned builder of air-cooled Porsches and they have considerable experience, parts inventory, and facilities to do full ground-up restorations or builds of these cars.  The shell was stripped to bare metal and the work began.  Turbo wide fenders were grafted on and wide front fenders were used. The sunroof hole was filled. All of the work on the car is metal, tig welded and metal worked, no fiberglass or Bondo here!

The front bumper pays tribute to the mid 70’s racing RSR model of the time with a little bit of RUF Yellowbird as well.  A functional carbon-fiber splitter is located under the bumper.  The front bumper assembly is done entirely of metal with the exception of the splitter. 959 stye vents are used above the bumper. An early type nose panel is used for a long hood.

The rear bumper is also fabricated entirely of metal.  Like the front, it is smooth, seamless, and one-piece.  It is a work of art.

The hood is a factory aluminum long RSR part hand worked for a better fit.  The lines of the front of the car are flawless with functional improved aerodynamics.  The splitter was 3D printed and the model was used as a buck to make the mold for the carbon actual splitter.


  1. Ok I have to say it…the founder of a company renown for producing industry leading radiators and cooling products owning an exquisite AIR cooled Porsche…irony?

    Ok cheap shots aside, I’m not a Porsche fan but this is an amazing car!

  2. Dang, that has a lot of nice touches; I love seeing stuff where someone is detail oriented and has their own vision for how things should be.

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