The CSF Porsche 911, a Retromodern Rocket

The beautiful (we are overusing that word but it is!) underneath of the car shows the Ceracoated engine cases and the bottom of the car that has been coated with the proper factor Wurth undercoating.  The rear muffler is a titanium part from a 991 GT3RS that has been cut and sectioned to fit in the back of the car.  The factory two-stage loud/quiet muffler staging works as intended controlled by the Motec ECU. A G50 transmission is used, fortified with steel synchros, a billet side cover, a billet mount, and a Wavetrac limited-slip differential.  A Sachs racing clutch and lightweight flywheel couple the engine to the transmission.  The engine and transmission are hung on Tarrett Engineering semi-solid mounts.

the John Grudynski of Hytech Exhaust built the stepped, anti-reversion, merged collector headers.  The bulges a few inches past the exhaust ports are the anti-reversion chambers.  These reduce the backflow and potential contamination of the intake charge during overlap.  This helps broaden the powerband considerably with no bad side effects at all.  The engine makes 386.6 whp and 310.5 lb/ft of torque on a stingy Mustang chassis dyno.  On an engine dyno, the engine produced 466 hp. Amazingly this is in line with the modern, water-cooled 3.8 liter, 9A1 991 GT3 engine!

SV Automotive hand-fabricated these beautiful titanium exhaust tips.

The rear suspension uses factory racing RSR parts with a tubular adjustable swaybar by Tarrett Engineering.  A two-way adjustable custom KW Clubsport coilover holds up the back of the car.  The rear body has been reinforced to take the stress of using coilovers instead of the original torsion bars. The standard torsion tube was replaced with a stronger one from a Turbo model and given additional reinforcement to stiffen the back of the car.  In addition, the rear suspension pick-up points have been reinforced to handle the loads from much bigger modern tires and big horsepower.  Stronger turbo axles are used to handle the torque of the engine.

The front suspension is a replica of the fully adjustable factory racing RSR using parts by Tarrett Engineering. A tubular Tarrett Engineering adjustable front swaybar is recessed into the body.  The suspension pick-up points are reinforced for the loads imparted by modern tires.


  1. Ok I have to say it…the founder of a company renown for producing industry leading radiators and cooling products owning an exquisite AIR cooled Porsche…irony?

    Ok cheap shots aside, I’m not a Porsche fan but this is an amazing car!

  2. Dang, that has a lot of nice touches; I love seeing stuff where someone is detail oriented and has their own vision for how things should be.

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