Project Ford E350 Tow Rig: Part 2 – You only need the Edge!
an alcohol pad opened and unfolded on my leg
Edge Products really does think of everything, and the CTS2 kit even comes with an alcohol pad to clean your filthy windshield so that the mount will actually stick to it.

Because I bet you haven’t cleaned the inside of your tow rig window in a while.

looking out the windshield with the a-pillar gauge pod on the left and the edge unit in the bottom left corner
For now I would mount the unit in the lower corner of the window.

You can also see the aftermarket gauges in the ’90s-appropriate A-pillar gauge pod. This article makes it look like I installed everything on the same day, but I actually did things over the course of several weeks.

Eventually I tore out all of the gauges and the A-pillar pod, and that was its own fun… because there was a horrible mess of wires under there.

stern warning message on edge display
When you first hook the unit up to your vehicle, it tells you that you’re going to die a horrible, tragic death.

But since I already own a race car named Dammit, I was pretty well on my way to immolation or impalement or something, so I clicked yes.

error message that simply says 'can't touch this'
I have… no idea what’s going on here.

The CTS2 will ask you to choose a manufacturer and model and then will try to figure things out. It will also ask you for your VIN, which is fun to try to type on the touchscreen. Eventually it brings you to the gauges screen and you can start configuring things.

In the case of the van, engine oil temperature and transmission fluid temperature were both available for display. The van did not have a factory EGT, and, for whatever reason, both of the readings that seemed to look like they should show boost did not. One showed a fixed 14PSI and the other a fixed 28PSI. Perhaps my MAP sensor is bad, but I am not throwing any codes… so let’s see what we can do about that.

edge EAS competition accessory system retail package
Enter the EAS — expandable accessory system.

Edge Products makes it super easy to extend your CTS2 with additional modules. In my case I would be coupling the CTS2 with the EAS Competition Kit, which includes an EGT sensor (“pyrometer” or “pyro” for all you diesel/truck people), a 0-100PSI pressure sensor, and a standard resistive fluid temperature sensor. Pictured on the box is the proprietary expansion connector, which can be stacked for each additional module that you add.


  1. Oh man, Corky Bell; I have a copy of Maximum Boost sitting on my shelf, and it still comes in handy. He’s a fun writer!

    Love how easy this is to integrate, and it looks to be super-legible and useful! I hope that you do a feature on pulling out the old wiring from the A-pillar gauges, I’ll bet that was a ton of fun, haha.

    1. @Rick D. – oh man, it was a rat’s nest in there. Somehow I didn’t get a picture. I might still have the pile of crap that came out, and there’s _still_ a pile of crap in there.

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