Project FR-S – Ultimatizing Our Suspension With KW 3-Way Adjustable Clubsport Coilovers


You can see that the 3-Way Clubsport has a shorter body for sure but the Racecomp Engineering camber plate has about 1/2″ more stack height than the well engineered KW part that actually lowers the car about 1/2″ without giving up wheel travel.  We shortened the bump stop by 1/2″ to gain back the bump travel we lost.  We did something similar when we installed the camber plates on the V3s and it worked just fine.
Howard installs the 3-Way Clubsports in the rear.
The purple knob controls the low speed adjustment while the gold knob controls the high speed adjustment.  A cool thing about the low speed adjustment is that the fluid flows through different sized orifices as you turn the knob.  It is really hard to get consistent response to adjustment clicks for low speed damping since the fluid flow is so minimal through the valves at low speeds and the amount of control force you need to develop is high.  By having set orifice sizes, you can ensure consistent changes in damping with each click.
Our sexy rear suspension is full of Cusco, KW Suspension and Whiteline bits.  It doesn't get any better than this!
Our front suspension is pretty trick as well.  We kicked ass in the FR-S shootout without these shocks and our new shocks when set up, could have probably dropped another second off of our lap time.  With our compression adjustments on the canister, it is easy to adjust, even by feel.  This is much easier than the V3's small allen bolt at the bottom of the strut tube.

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