Project FR-S – Ultimatizing Our Suspension With KW 3-Way Adjustable Clubsport Coilovers


As you can see, the front high and low speed compression damping adjusters are very easy to reach.  The KW-3 way Clubsports are designed to run at fairly low canister pressures, around 100 psi.   A rubber bladder inside the cannister keeps the the gas separate from the fluid.
Since our ride height is now another 0.5 inches lower, we had to touch up our alignment.  We took the car to Westend Alignment to get things right again.

Our car's chassis can deliver a lot of grip, race car levels in fact.  Project FR-S is one of the best handling cars in the MotoIQ fleet.  Our chassis capability now outstrips our engine's power by quite a bit.  We will be working on that in the future for sure.




Turn In Concepts

Innovate Motorsports

KW Suspension


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Kognition Design



Achilles Radial

Mackin Industries Rays Wheels

Nameless Performance

Berk Technology

Race Comp Engineering


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