Industry Insider: In-depth With Stillen


Industry Insider: In-depth With Stillen

by Justin Banner

Steve Millen Sportscars was established in 1986 out of necessity. They started with mini-truck styling bumpers and would create parts based on customer demand. There was a time where Stillen did have to outsource parts but as demand increased, the need for making parts faster or to specific demands arose. Now, Stillen actually creates parts for many of the top OEM manufacturers for their performance brands. Along with that, Stillen also sells parts that are not made by Stillen and they have acquired a large warehouse for both Stillen and other aftermarket manufacturers. It’s incredible to see where Stillen is now and we were joined by Kyle Millen for a tour of their facilities.


StillenThe moment you walk through the doors of the first building Stillen uses as a front office and manufacturing, you’re hit with IMSA history. This is the very 300ZX that Steve Millen drove in the IMSA GT series.
StillenAfter you pick your jaw up from the floor and look around, you'll see even more recent history. Magazine covers of Stillen equipped cars from Turbo, Modified Magazine, and even…
StillenTruckin’ magazine. This is a brief glimpse at where they started in the industry, with pickups instead of Nissans sports cars.
StillenKyle Millen gave me and Nick our guided tour for the day. He not only talked about the shop but also the vast and somewhat unknown history of Stillen.
StillenThe first thing he showed us was the supercharger kit assembly area. This is the step just before each kit leaves Stillen’s shipping department.

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