Industry Insider: In-depth With Stillen


StillenThe last building, we had to drive a little ways to. This is where all of Stillen's exhaust, intake, and sway bar components are manufactured. We drove past TRD, a Supercar service facility, classic car restoration facility, and connected to the building was a Tesla sales office, so we were still in the middle of car guy heaven.
StillenJigs for exhausts, intakes, and sway bars were all around the walls, but in their proper places.
StillenThey were separated by model and even have call numbers to make locating them easier.
StillenThere was a large mandrel tubing bender in the front of the building and a saw here in the back. You can also see all of the bulk material behind the saw.
StillenEvery part of the exhaust system is fabricated by Stillen in house. Even the exhaust mufflers as you can see here. This is the start of a Nissan Altima exhaust system, I believe.
StillenThis pile of Nissan 370Z exhaust headers were just finished, you could even feel their heat as you passed your hand over them. They are welded by hand on Miller welders.
StillenStillen doesn’t just make their branded parts, they make exhaust systems, intake pipes, and even some suspension components for many OEM works parts. I won’t say who this is being made for, but know that it’s a well-respected OEM works and isn’t for a Nissan. That’s all I can say or Kyle and Steve will feed me to a pack of wild wallabies.

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