Industry Insider: In-depth With Stillen


StillenEvery part from Stillen goes through a very thorough quality control inspection. Parts are measured from schematics or a jig depending on what the part is and how it is assembled. We’ll see more a little later.
StillenBefore heading into the Service Department, we got to see the Prototype room. Intakes, brake hats, pans,…
StillenCalipers, fluid jugs, and more are created in plastic for test fitting.
Those plastic parts are all created using a 3D printer. This is a fairly old unit, but it is scheduled to be replaced with a faster, bigger, and surprisingly less expensive unit, in the very near future.
StillenThis part surprised me, but Stillen has a full service Performance Shop in the very back of this particular building.
StillenNot only will they install your supercharger kit, but they will also do an oil change…
StillenDo your alignment…
And even change your tires or install aftermarket wheels for you. Aftermarket parts and service with OE quality, you can’t get much better than that.

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