Industry Insider: In-depth With Stillen


StillenMany of Stillen's supercharger kits are based off of Eaton superchargers. Stillen is also an authorized dealer and installer for Whipple. So not only are your Stillen superchargers installed and serviced, but those for your domestic as well.
StillenThere were two domestics at Stillen with Whipples being installed or serviced while Nick and I were there. First was this Camaro SS which was fairly stealthy considering there was nothing else to show you this wasn’t a normal SS.
StillenThe other was this Ford Raptor. Man, I want a Raptor now!
StillenThis one was in the process of a test install for a new Whipple kit.
StillenAfter getting those superchargers installed, you can get Stillen to do a chassis dyno. There is some more history here! This is one of the first above ground chassis dynos to be installed from Dynojet. It’s still in service after so many years and being outdoors.
StillenStillen is the official distributor for AP Racing brakes. From calipers to pads to rotors, if AP makes it Stillen carries it.

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